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Save money. Reduce busywork. Accomplish 3x more.
We help entrepreneurs hire talented remote workers for their businesses.

the secret sauce
Ready to 3x your business?
Hiring remote workers (or “Virtual Assistants”) is the secret sauce behind the success stories of many top-performing entrepreneurs. From managing day-to-day busywork, to helping with lead generation, copywriting, and social media, hiring remotely has helped numerous business owners scale up their companies at a fraction of the cost.
Our Values
Change a life.
We hire talented professionals from countries in extreme crisis in order to fight poverty and promote economic opportunity. Optimate started as a way of doing something about the Venezuelan refugee crisis. Read more about our story here.
What we can do for you
Need a hand? We have English-speaking professionals for just about every skillset.

Blog posts, articles, SEO-focused content, sales funnels, manuscripts, marketing materials, editing.

Graphic & Video Design

Social media content, videos, flyers, marketing materials.

Social Media

Growing Instagram and FB accounts, content creation and scheduling, social media strategy.

Digital marketing

SEO, PPC/Google Adwords, social media strategy, sales funnels, email marketing.

Lead generation

Connecting with potential clients via LinkedIn and Facebook, cold email, telemarketing & cold calling, prospect data collection.

WordPress Development

Building and editing WordPress websites, modifying themes and plugins.

CompleteD ProjectS
ACTIVE Clients
Our Process
Hire a remote worker in just 24 hours
Contact Us
Reach out to us and let us know the type of remote worker you're looking for.
Review Bios
We'll review your needs and send you the bios of 2-3 workers on our team who we think will make a good fit.
Jump on a Call
Book in a call with a worker to see if they're a good fit before you hire them.
Hire Your Top Choice
After the call, let us know if you're ready to hire!
Get Started
You'll be able to track the worker's progress in real-time using our time-tracking software.
24/7 Support
Unlike Fiverr and Upwork, our North American support team is available any time you need us.
We’re proud of our team
A few of our most popular remote professionals.
Telemarketing, cold email, lead generation via LinkedIn
Mutua A.
Social media, digital marketing, graphic design, video editing
Casey A.
Research, administration, customer service, telemarketing
Daniel F.
Copywriting, editing, writing, social media content
  • LinkedIn
  • Cold email
  • Telemarketing
This digital agency increased their leads by 287%.

When this New York-based agency reached out to us, they were generating leads via LinkedIn. But their costs were high in paying someone locally to handle the back-and-forth on the platform. They hired two members of our team for half the price and in 2 months had nearly 3x-ed their leads.

Case Study #2
Saved $487/month on social media costs.

David R. spent just shy of $1,000/month paying a social media agency to create content for his coaching agency on social media in order to stay engaged with his clients. When he switched to Optimate, we lined him up with Carolina, a talented graphic designer of ours from Venezuela, who produced beautiful social media content for him at half the price.

4x Your Posts
Custom content optimized for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram
Graphic content
Creating brand-specific and compelling graphic content
Grow Followers
Build a bigger fan base with quality content, hashtags, regular engagement
2x Engagement
Engaging with your fan base is a key way to increase audience participation
What our clients are saying

Our clients come from numerous different industries and over 30 countries. We work with lots of entrepreneurs, business coaches, digital agencies, ecommerce brands, and medium-sized enterprises. Of these, over 94% have stayed with us for the long term!