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Work online for U.S. and European companies
We hire talented telemarketers.

We’re a top international hiring agency that recruits skilled telemarketers for online work with client companies of ours in the US and Europe. Our bilingual team works online from the comfort of their own homes on tasks based on their skillset and on the needs of the company they’re working for. We hire from all over Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Asia.

The power of working remote
Work online with flexible hours.

We partner with companies in a huge range of industries and we hire telemarketers with a broad range of skills in cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, and occasionally customer service.

Working online with Optimate also gives you benefit of being able to work from home, have flexible hours, and advance your career as you gain work experience work international companies.

  • Flexible hours (work part time or full time)
  • Work online
  • Payment is $6 USD/hour
  • Paid in USD every two weeks
Work globally
Advance your international career.

When we hire you, we’ll be placing you with an international company as a telemarketer, working remotely. These companies range from digital marketing agencies to consulting firms to business coaches to startups. While you’ll technically be working as a freelancer for Optimate (rather than as a direct hire for the company), you’ll gain valuable CV-boosting international work experience with a US or European company and you’ll deepen your skillsets.

Work safely online
Guaranteed payment. Quality clients.

Many freelancers know the stress of having to chase down a client for payment that they’re owed. Optimate takes on all the payment risk for you by collecting an upfront deposit from each client. We then bill the client for the work you do and pay you ourselves. That means that even if a client doesn’t pay us, the deposit we collected from them still ensures that we’ll always pay you.

We’re also picky about our clients as it’s important to us that all of our freelancers are treated well. So that means we work hard to get you lined up with clients who know how to be good managers and who’ll treat you with respect.

Flexibility and freedom
Take your work anywhere.

The remote work economy brings tremendous freedom. Forget the long commutes, the traffic, the cubicle office environment, or the heavy-handed boss over your shoulder. Working online, for those who are skilled and work hard, gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want – from home, as you travel, or on a beach in Bali. Working with Optimate clients also comes with hour flexibility, so you can work part time or full time, and whenever you’re most productive and motivated.

Telemarketers Hired

Our telemarketers come from 10 different countries, mostly in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and parts of Asia.

Active Clients

We work with everyone from solo entrepreneurs to 50+-person companies.

Regionally Focused

Almost 90% of our team comes from Africa, Asia, or the Caribbean.

Worker Satisfaction

Nearly 95% of our successful remote hires have been happy with Optimate and stayed with us for at least 1 year.

What we look for
Are you a fit for us?
We’re looking for people who are:
  • Interested in working online for US and European companies
  • Highly fluent in English
  • Skilled in at least one of the following areas: cold calling, appointment setting, lead generation via phone, telemarketing
  • Have a good wifi connection
  • Are reliable, honest, responsible
  • Have at least 20 hours/week availability during daytime US timezones
Frequently Asked Questions
Any questions?

If you’re from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, or Asia, you’re welcome to apply!

We pay $6 USD/hour to telemarketers and cold calling professionals.

In terms of how we pay, we do payouts every two weeks, usually via Uphold or Paypal. Those are our main payment providers; between the two of them, we can pay our workers in places as diverse as Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Even if you don’t have a Paypal or Uphold account, for instance, you can either set one up or ask a friend to use theirs.

We do. Our workers are all freelancers who work for Optimate (they are not in a direct employment relationship with the client, in other words). As such, all payment comes from us. We bill the client for your work, and then we pay you.

The work can either be part time or full time depending on your availability. You must have at least 20 hours/week free. Beyond that, however, we can set you up with a client who is looking for someone with your availability.

For telemarketing, being available during US time zones is important (since most of our clients are from the US). So if you work or study full time during US daytime hours, then we probably aren’t a good fit.

You would be working for us. We search out clients for you and then the clients contract with us to work with you. You are not in a direct employment relationship with the client, in other words. We bill the client and then pay you; the client does not pay you directly.

In their own words
What our workers say

Our team consists of nearly 400 talented bilingual freelancers, including 70+ telemarketers, from developing countries around the world. Of these, nearly 95% have stayed with us for the long term!

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