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Marketing smarter with AI.

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Machine-tuned Targetting

Our machine automatically improves your ad effectiveness based on how your audience engage with it, all in real time. Your ads will only be shown to the audiences that matters.

Accelerated Testing

There are hundreds of variables to test when it comes to selecting the right audience (eg. age, interest, location, etc). With accelerated testing, we can test all possible combinations at a fraction of the time and cost.

More Data = More Accuracy

With machine learning, the more you run, the more effective your ad becomes. Optimate consolidates and processes past campaign insights across the different channels to give you the best audiences.

Enabling you to SCALE.

Automated optimisation frees marketers from inefficient & ineffective day-to-day campaign management so that they can focus on what truly matters, like creating great content. Track & run multiple campaigns for multiple markets on multiple channels…all from a single dashboard.

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Do you know that you’re wasting up to 60% of your digital ad spend just testing and optimising your campaigns?That’s thousands of dollars down the drain!Not to mention the precious hours spent tweaking and adjusting just to achieve that slight improvement…

Well thankfully, you can now save that all up with the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).Using machine-tuned precision, Optimate helps you laser focus down onto your ready-to-buy customers. Start cutting cost, reaching more ready-to-buy customers and boosting your ad effectiveness now!




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