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The fragmented nature of digital media targeting has made it nearly impossible for companies to cover all possibilities with manual testing (plus you’re wasting as much as 60% of your digital ad spend just manually optimising!). Data scattered across channels are under-utilized. Under these circumstances, the challenge is to find the best target audience segmentation of ad campaigns, and this issue can be solved by the delicately designed AI system, Optimate.

In our AI system, we use the data driven logic, which can handle both big data and small data. There are many data analysing techniques, and we integrate some of the most powerful models in this system together with our proprietary IP developed over the last decade.

The core of our technology is to use a dynamic sampling methodology to test,scale, and further generate the best result based on evidence provided by the data itself. This methodology has been proven to be effective in hundreds of real-world cases.

The Machine-Driven Optimization Processes

The methodology of Optimate has been proven to be effective in many real-world cases. For instance, Optimate reduced CPM by 50% and cost per video play by 40% on a Facebook campaign for a world-distinguished agency client.

CPM reduced by 50%

Cost per video play reduced by 40%

For more examples of how Optimate helped other SMEs, check out the case study we did for Musee here

Optimate automatically optimises digital ad campaigns for higher relevance score and efficiency with lower cost. It accelerates the process of finding the best content audience match using machine-driven permutation tests, thus the ROI can be significantly boosted in a much shorter time.

Optimate empowers you with cross-platform marketing. Currently, Optimate provides campaign optimisation service for Facebook, Instagram and Google. Other social media platforms including LinkedIn, Baidu, Mail Chimp etc. are under development, and will be available soon.

When creating new groups, please choose historical or ongoing campaigns with similar audience group and objectives. In terms of the number of campaigns within one group, we suggest to choose recent campaigns (no more than 3 months) with data sets that have more data points.

Normally it takes about 4 to 10 days to finish the whole iteration process after a group is created. You can always monitor the progress of optimisation through your Optimate dashboard.

After the optimisation group is created, no user interaction is needed until the optimisation is completed. You will then need to input new ramp up budget and campaign duration through Optimate.

You can start a live campaign first for us to collect historical data for 2-4 days before you can start using Optimate.

The optimisations are based on ad set level.

The ad spending for optimisation goes to Facebook directly, and the charges are based on the bidding of the ads. Usually no more than 200 of the currency unit ( if the default currency of the ad account is in SGD, it will be SGD; if the default currency is in USD, it will be USD etc) will be automatically allocated for the entire optimisation to be completed.

However, if the user has their own budget limit lower than the before mentioned, it could disrupt the automation. It’s suggested for the user to lift their limit before automatic optimization by Optimate.

Compared to individual A/B testing on Facebook, Optimate can run all different combinations together. It's equivalent of running multiple A/B testings at one go. Do note that it will take longer time (normally 2 more days) to optimise when multiple creatives are selected.

Ad sets will be selected by the system based on the historical data, and multiple ad sets and multiple creatives can be run through the algorithm. However, the sequence and combination will be decided by the system and no human intervention is allowed once the process is started.

You can search keywords using the search function inon the panel.

3% is chargeable if the Facebook ad dollars are paid to Optimate, and it has nothing to do with the optimisation process. If client links their own credit card for ad spending, there is no charge of that 3%.

It does both. The AI engine optimises the current keywords by identifying the best performing ones while finding and adding new keywords using our own proprietary algorithms, and also update bidding amount for the keywords automatically in order to optimise it.

In terms of the integrity of your Facebook or other social media accounts, Optimate can only use advertisement campaign data under the strict supervision of Facebook Marketing Partner Requirements. We will neither release any contents nor run any paid campaigns without your permission. Your account information remains safe and confidential with the protection of strict encryption processes implemented in our system.

Please feel free to use the Live Chat function available on our website, or contact our support specialist ( at any time.

You just have to link up your ad accounts with us and we’ll start optimising your campaigns immediately.