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Reduce cost and boost your ad effectiveness automatically

Because time and money shouldn’t be spent finding your perfect target audience. Let us help you laser target your ready-to-buy prospects with machine-tuned precision.

Finding the right target audience is critical for any business when it comes to marketing, and it will be even more critical online. But how do we ensure that we can not only narrow down to these targeted niche, but also show them our best relevant message?

Many marketers and business owners have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours testing and optimising their campaigns, just so that they can hit that marketing “sweet spot”.

But the truth is, there is much easier, faster and not to mention, cheaper way to do so.

1. Link

Link up your online ad accounts with Optimate

2. Group

Group your ad account’s historic data for Optimate to process. Optimate will read all your past campaigns and come up with a highly optimised group of target market.

3. Run

With the result, Optimate will scale up your campaign to source for similar targetted group of audiences, further refining and tweaking as it goes along.

Cut cost with machines-tuned targetting

Many authorities tell you to split test to keep you ad cost low. But the truth is, to get the data from split testing, you first need to spend…a lot!

Considering the hundreds of variables there are to split test, it’s going to cost you at least hundreds to get the desired results.

Well, now thanks to the advancement of technology, using the power of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Optimate is able test all of these variables using just a fraction of your cost.

Our machine automatically improves your ad effectiveness based on how your audiences engage with it, all in real time.

No longer will you have to waste your budget on the wrong target audience, your ads will only be shown to the audiences that matters.

Save time with accelerated testing

With machine-optimisation, your ads will also get automatically split tested at lightning speed.

What would normal take months to test, can all be done in just a few days. Studies have shown that it’s 18X faster than manual optimisation.

This means that you can free up a huge amount of time to do more important work, such as creating amazing content for your fans.

Automate with machine learning

With machine learning, the more you run, the more effective your ads become. Optimate consolidates and processes past campaigns insights to give you the best audiences on auto-pilot. This frees you from ineffeicient & ineffective day-to-day campaign management.

No longer will you have to worry about your campaigns every hour, every day, every week. You can rest assured knowing that you are only paying for ads that are reaching out to your biggest potential fans.

Save up to 40% through automatic optimisation

Whatever you’re looking for (more sales, mobile app downloads, or just more ‘likes’). Optimate’s system will maximize your results, giving you more bang for your buck, with an average of 40% increase in marketing ROI.

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