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Top 5 Tips to Take Your Marketing Digital

November 14th, 2016

According to the BBC, young people are spending more time online than on watching television. It is no longer possible to ignore the digital world, and a new marketing approach is required.

As various surveys have confirmed, marketers are finally shifting their gears towards digital media. Here are the top reasons, we feel, as to why you should be part of this trend to go digital.

1. Right Target Market
Though TV ads have a broad reach, it is hard to determine if we are reaching the right target market. With Artificial Intelligence(AI), we can easily optimize our campaigns using data gathered automatically from individuals through the internet. By finding out the right demographics and psychographics of the target market, advertisers will be confident that they are talking to the right set of people that need their products.

2. Unleash Creative Campaigns Online
Unique, enticing campaigns for your brand are what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. By going digital, you can make use of tools to lend limitless creativity to your campaigns, be it in content or execution. Digital campaigns can be as engaging and interactive as you want them to be, and also modify themselves to take advantage of changing consumer trends.

3. Rapid, Real-time Data Gathering
Since digital marketing occurs over real-time, you can gather immediate, relevant data about your target audience. By using the data to fine-tune the digital platform on which your campaign is run, you will be able to execute new strategies and creative content that will better speak out to your potential customers.

4. Save up to 75% of your Marketing Budget
Running your campaigns on digital media is cheaper than running them on traditional media. According to Adweek, digital media surpasses traditional media platforms when it comes to cost efficiency. No longer will you need a high marketing budget to reach the right market.

5. Fast Return on Investment
As digital media is both real-time and relatively low-cost, you will receive more immediate results and feedback on your campaigns online. With traditional media, it is no guarantee that the thousands you have paid will translate to a positive ROI; you may need to wait months before you see results.

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