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More Effective Social Media Marketing

November 28th, 2016

Have you ever wondered why #hashtags are commonly seen on television and print media, even though they started online? This is a proven sign that social media marketing has become an important complement to traditional marketing for brands.

According to The Social Sasquatch, brands can combine the mass reach of traditional media with the immediacy of social media, creating a new marketing synergy that can better reach and engage audiences. Here, we have compiled a few tips on maintaining effectiveness across traditional and social media campaigns.

1. Consistent Brand Image
As consumers are exposed to consistent content by a brand, both online and offline, an impression of a well-established branding is being created in their minds. Keeping messages consistent across traditional and social media channels cuts down on the variety of ad creatives needed, reducing the costs of maintaining different campaigns.

2. Humanize Your Brand
By holding genuine, 2-way conversations with customers through social media, brands can get instant feedback on their marketing efforts, reducing the costs of continuing to run ineffective campaigns. In addition, a more approachable brand makes it more likely for customers to recommend it to their networks. With 92% of people trusting friend recommendations, this becomes an effective way for brands to stretch their advertising dollars.

3. Invest in Tools
The inner workings of platforms like Facebook and Google can be difficult, if not impossible to understand. In many cases, maximizing marketing effectiveness requires taking advantage of algorithms to optimize ads. Here, a good tool such as Optimate can help you with tweaking Facebook’s formulae to your benefit.

The above picture shows the how one of our client’s cost per engagement becomes more expensive with time. With an AI-based optimization, the cost drops to our baseline. In Optimate, we not only maximize the cost-effectiveness of your digital campaign but we also empower your brand in building consistency, tapping the right market, and a better return of investment.

If you want to know how much more effective your ads can be or how much you can save on your ad cost with Optimate, schedule your free consulting session with our Facebook Certified Professional now.